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ABASE v. To lower in position, estimation, or the like; degrade.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Win 4GB pendrives by improving your vocabulary

At wordlistsonline you can win 4GB pendirve by improving your vocabulary.

We are a website which comes out with a wordlist everyday for the users to learn. We have a collections of words and we need the usages of these words(sentences made using these words so that the user can easily remember the meaning of the words).

We are gifting 4GB pen drives to the top three users who help us make the sentences for maximum number of words. For your sentence to qualify it should me meaningful and it should be helpful for the users to remember the word. We have made your task simpler by adding links from where you can get the senctences.

Follow these simple steps :
  1. Create a Google ID.
  2. Open the site
  3. Click on the february month in archives column.
  4. Wait for some time as it takes little long to load or hit on stop (X) button after some time.
  5. Now there is a link called In recent news. Click that and you will get various usages of the word mentioned. Copy whichever is the best usage.
  6. Now click on Make a sentence link and paste the sentence there.


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