Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wordlist - 007

ABEYANCE n. A state of suspension or temporary inaction.
BARCAROLE n. A boat-song of Venetian gondoliers.
CAJOLE v. To impose on or dupe by flattering speech.
DAY-MAN n. A day-laborer.
ECLIPSE n. The obstruction of a heavenly body by its entering into the shadow of another body.
FACILITATE v. To make more easy.
GALVANIC adj. Pertaining or relating to electricity produced by chemical action.
HALCYON adj. Calm.
ICONOCLAST n. An image-breaker.
JOGGLE n. A sudden irregular shake or a push causing such a shake.
KILOWATT n. One thousand watts.
LACTIC adj. Pertaining to milk.
MAGICIAN n. A sorcerer.
NARRATOR n. One who narrates anything.
OBITUARY adj. A published notice of a death.
PALATIAL adj. Magnificent.
QUANDARY n. A puzzling predicament.
RAILLERY n. Good-humored satire.
SALACIOUS adj. Having strong sexual desires.
TACTICS n. Any maneuvering or adroit management for effecting an object.
UMBRAGE n. A sense of injury.
VAGRANT n. An idle wanderer.
WARLIKE adj. Belligerent.
ABHORRENCE n. The act of detesting extremely.
BAROGRAPH n. An instrument that registers graphically and continuously the atmospheric pressure.
CAJOLERY n. Delusive speech.

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