Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wordlist - 010

ABLE-BODIED adj. Competent for physical service.
BASS adj. Low in tone or compass.
CALORIE n. Amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree centigrade.
DEATH'S-HEAD n. A human skull as a symbol of death.
ECSTATIC adj. Enraptured.
FACTION n. A number of persons combined for a common purpose.
GAMBLE v. To risk money or other possession on an event, chance, or contingency.
HANGER-ON n. A parasite.
IDIOSYNCRASY n. A mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual.
JUBILATION n. Exultation.
KINGLING n. A petty king.
LAGGARD adj. Falling behind.
MAGNANIMOUS adj. Generous in treating or judging others.
NATAL adj. Pertaining to one's birth.
OBLIGATE v. To hold to the fulfillment of duty.
PALINODE n. A retraction.
QUARRELSOME adj. Irascible.
RAMPANT adj. Growing, climbing, or running without check or restraint.
SALINE adj. Constituting or consisting of salt.
TANGIBLE adj. Perceptible by touch.
UNANIMOUS adj. Sharing the same views or sentiments.
VALEDICTION n. A bidding farewell.
WEAL n. Well-being.
ABLUTION n. A washing or cleansing, especially of the body.
BASTE v. To cover with melted fat, gravy, while cooking.
CALUMNY n. Slander.

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