Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wordlist - 033

ACCOMPANIMENT n. A subordinate part or parts, enriching or supporting the leading part.
BESET v. To attack on all sides.
CATHOLICITY n. Universal prevalence or acceptance.
DEFAME v. To slander.
EGOTISM n. Self-conceit.
FEMININE adj. Characteristic of woman or womankind.
GENITAL adj. Of or pertaining to the animal reproductive organs.
HEPTARCHY n. A group of seven governments.
IMBROGLIO n. A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.
LAWGIVER n. A legislator.
MALLEABLE adj. Pliant.
NEFARIOUS adj. Wicked in the extreme.
OBVERT v. To turn the front or principal side of (a thing) toward any person or object.
PAPYRUS n. The writing-paper of the ancient Egyptians, and later of the Romans.
REBELLIOUS adj. Insubordinate.
SATIRIZE v. To treat with sarcasm or derisive wit.
TEMPT v. To offer to (somebody) an inducement to do wrong.
UNDERMINE v. To subvert in an underhand way.
VENDIBLE adj. Marketable.
WITTICISM n. A witty, brilliant, or original saying or sentiment.
ACCOMPANIST n. One who or that which accompanies.
BESMEAR v. To smear over, as with any oily or sticky substance.
CAT-O-NINE-TAILS n. An instrument consisting of nine pieces of cord, formerly used for flogging in the army and navy.
DEFAULT n. The neglect or omission of a legal requirement.
EGOTIST n. One given to self-mention or who is constantly telling of his own views and experiences.
FERNERY n. A place in which ferns are grown.


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