Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordlist - 034

ACCOMPANY v. To go with, or be associated with, as a companion.
BESTIAL adj. Animal.
CAUCUS n. A private meeting of members of a political party to select candidates.
DEFENDANT n. A person against whom a suit is brought.
EGREGIOUS adj. Extreme.
FEROCIOUS adj. Of a wild, fierce, and savage nature.
GENITIVE adj. Indicating source, origin, possession, or the like.
HERBACEOUS adj. Having the character of a herb.
IMBRUE v. To wet or moisten.
LAWMAKER n. A legislator.
MALLET n. A wooden hammer.
NEGATE v. To deny.
OBVIATE v. To clear away or provide for, as an objection or difficulty.
PARABLE n. A brief narrative founded on real scenes or events usually with a moral.
REBUFF n. A peremptory or unexpected rejection of advances or approaches.
SATYR n. A very lascivious person.
TEMPTER n. An allurer or enticer to evil.
UNDERRATE v. To undervalue.
VENDITION n. The act of selling.
WITTINGLY adv. With knowledge and by design.
ACCOMPLICE n. An associate in wrong-doing.
BESTREW v. To sprinkle or cover with things strewn.
CAUSAL adj. Indicating or expressing a cause.
DEFENSIBLE adj. Capable of being maintained or justified.
EGRESS n. Any place of exit.
FEROCITY n. Savageness.

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