Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wordlist - 040

ACCUSATION n. A charge of crime, misdemeanor, or error.
BIBLIOPHILE n. One who loves books.
CEREAL adj. Pertaining to edible grain or farinaceous seeds.
DEFORMITY n. A disfigurement.
ELIZABETHAN adj. Relating to Elizabeth, queen of England, or to her era.
FIASCO n. A complete or humiliating failure.
GESTATION n. Pregnancy.
HERETIC n. One who holds opinions contrary to the recognized standards or tenets of any philosophy.
IMMEASURABLE adj. Indefinitely extensive.
LEEWARD n. That side or direction toward which the wind blows.
MAN-EATER n. An animal that devours human beings.
NEGLIGIBLE adj. Transferable by assignment, endorsement, or delivery.
OCCURRENCE n. A happening.
PARALYZE v. To deprive of the power to act.
RECEDE v. To move back or away.
SCHOLASTIC adj. Pertaining to education or schools.
TENSE adj. Strained to stiffness.
UNDULATE v. To move like a wave or in waves.
VENIAL adj. That may be pardoned or forgiven, a forgivable sin.
WRANGLE v. To maintain by noisy argument or dispute.
ACCUSATORY adj. Of, pertaining to, or involving an accusation.
BIBULOUS adj. Fond of drinking.
CEREMONIAL adj. Characterized by outward form or ceremony.
DEFRAUD v. To deprive of something dishonestly.
ELOCUTION n. The art of correct intonation, inflection, and gesture in public speaking or reading.
FICKLE adj. Unduly changeable in feeling, judgment, or purpose.

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