Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wordlist - 041

ACCUSE v. To charge with wrong doing, misconduct, or error.
BIDE v. To await.
CEREMONIOUS adj. Observant of ritual.
DEFRAY v. To make payment for.
ELOQUENT adj. Having the ability to express emotion or feeling in lofty and impassioned speech.
FICTITIOUS adj. Created or formed by the imagination.
GESTICULATE v. To make gestures or motions, as in speaking, or in place of speech.
HERITAGE n. Birthright.
IMMENSE adj. Very great in degree, extent, size, or quantity.
LEFT-HANDED adj. Using the left hand or arm more dexterously than the right.
MANEUVER v. To make adroit or artful moves: manage affairs by strategy.
NEGOTIABLE v. To bargain with others for an agreement, as for a treaty or transfer of property.
OCTAGON n. A figure with eight sides and eight angles.
PARAMOUNT adj. Supreme in authority.
RECEIVABLE adj. Capable of being or fit to be received - often money.
SCINTILLA n. The faintest ray.
TENTATIVE adj. Done as an experiment.
UNDULOUS adj. Resembling waves.
VENISON n. The flesh of deer.
WREAK v. To inflict, as a revenge or punishment.
ACCUSTOM v. To make familiar by use.
BIENNIAL n. A plant that produces leaves and roots the first year and flowers and fruit the second.
CESSATION n. Discontinuance, as of action or motion.
DEGENERACY n. A becoming worse.
ELUCIDATE v. To bring out more clearly the facts concerning.
FIDELITY n. Loyalty.

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