Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wordlist - 053

ACRIMONIOUS adj. Full of bitterness.
BOATSWAIN n. A subordinate officer of a vessel, who has general charge of the rigging, anchors, etc.
CHRISTENDOM n. That part of the world where Christianity is generally professed.
DEMEANOR n. Deportment.
EMINENCE n. An elevated position with respect to rank, place, character, condition, etc.
FLEXIBLE adj. Pliable.
GNASH v. To grind or strike the teeth together, as from rage.
HIATUS n. A break or vacancy where something necessary to supply the connection is wanting.
IMMUTABLE adj. Unchangeable.
LENIENCY n. Forbearance.
MANUMIT v. To set free from bondage.
NETWORK n. Anything that presents a system of cross- lines.
OFF adj. Farther or more distant.
PARLIAMENT n. A legislative body.
RECLUSE n. One who lives in retirement or seclusion.
SCYTHE n. A long curved blade for mowing, reaping, etc.
TESTATOR n. The maker of a will.
UNLIMITED adj. Unconstrained.
VERITY n. Truth.
ACRIMONY n. Sharpness or bitterness of speech or temper.
BODICE n. A women's ornamental corset-shaped laced waist.
CHROMATIC adj. Belonging, relating to, or abounding in color.
DEMENTED adj. Insane.
EMINENT adj. High in station, merit, or esteem.
FLIMSY adj. Thin and weak.
GORDIAN knot n. Any difficulty the only issue out of which is by bold or unusual manners.

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