Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wordlist - 054

ACTIONABLE adj. Affording cause for instituting an action, as trespass, slanderous words.
BODILY adj. Corporeal.
CHRONOLOGY n. The science that treats of computation of time or of investigation and arrangement of events.
DEMERIT n. A mark for failure or bad conduct.
EMIT v. To send or give out.
FLIPPANT adj. Having a light, pert, trifling disposition.
GOURMAND n. A connoisseur in the delicacies of the table.
HIBERNAL adj. Pertaining to winter.
IMPAIR v. To cause to become less or worse.
LENIENT adj. Not harsh.
MARINE adj. Of or pertaining to the sea or matters connected with the sea.
NEURAL adj. Pertaining to the nerves or nervous system.
OFFHAND adv. Without preparation.
PARLOR n. A room for reception of callers or entertainment of guests.
RECLUSORY n. A hermitage.
SEANCE n. A meeting of spirituals for consulting spirits.
TESTIMONIAL n. A formal token of regard, often presented in public.
UNNATURAL adj. Artificial.
VERMIN n. A noxious or troublesome animal.
ACTUALITY n. Any reality.
BOISTEROUS adj. Unchecked merriment or animal spirits.
CHRONOMETER n. A portable timekeeper of the highest attainable precision.
DEMISE n. Death.
EMPHASIS n. Any special impressiveness added to an utterance or act, or stress laid upon some word.
FLOE n. A collection of tabular masses of floating polar ice.
GOSLING n. A young goose.

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