Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordlist - 064

ADJUTANT adj. Auxiliary.
BOYCOTT v. To place the products or merchandise of under a ban.
CLEARANCE n. A certificate from the proper authorities that a vessel has complied with the law and may sail.
DENUDE v. To strip the covering from.
ENDANGER v. To expose to peril.
FOOT-NOTE n. A note of explanation or comment at the foot of a page or column.
GRATUITY n. That which is given without demand or claim. Tip.
HOARSE adj. Having the voice harsh or rough, as from a cold or fatigue.
IMPEL v. To drive or urge forward.
LEXICOGRAPHY n. The making of dictionaries.
MASSIVE adj. Of considerable bulk and weight.
NIT n. The egg of a louse or some other insect.
OMNIPOTENCE n. Unlimited and universal power.
PARTITION n. That which separates anything into distinct parts.
RECOVER v. To regain.
SECOND-RATE adj. Second in quality, size, rank, importance, etc.
THEORIZE v. To speculate.
UNYOKE v. To separate.
VETO n. The constitutional right in a chief executive of refusing to approve an enactment.
ADMINISTRATOR n. One who manages affairs of any kind.
BRAE n. Hillside.
CLEMENCY n. Mercy.
DENUNCIATION n. The act of declaring an action or person worthy of reprobation or punishment.
ENDEAR v. To cause to be loved.
FOPPERY n. Dandyism.
GRAVITY n. Seriousness.

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