Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wordlist - 077

AFFECT v. To act upon
BROADCAST adj. Disseminated far and wide.
COLLAPSIBLE adj. That may or can collapse.
DERMATOLOGY n. The branch of medical science which relates to the skin and its diseases.
ENSNARE v. To entrap.
FORESEE v. To discern beforehand.
GYROSCOPE n. An instrument for illustrating the laws of rotation.
HOSTILITY n. Enmity.
IMPERVIOUS adj. Impenetrable.
LIFETIME n. The time that life continues.
MAWKISH adj. Sickening or insipid.
NONCHALANCE n. A state of mind indicating lack of interest.
OPERATIVE adj. Active.
PATRONYMIC adj. Formed after one's father's name.
REDOLENT adj. Smelling sweet and agreeable.
SEIGNIOR n. A title of honor or respectful address, equivalent to sir.
TINCTURE n. A solution, usually alcoholic, of some principle used in medicine.
URGENCY n. The pressure of necessity.
VIOL n. A stringed instrument of the violin class.
AFFECTATION n. A studied or ostentatious pretense or attempt.
BROGAN n. A coarse, heavy shoe.
COLLEAGUE n. An associate in professional employment.
DERRICK n. An apparatus for hoisting and swinging great weights.
ENTAIL v. To involve; necessitate.
FORESIGHT n. Provision against harm or need.
HUCKSTER n. One who retails small wares.