Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wordlist - 074

AERIAL adj. Of, pertaining to, or like the air.
BRINE n. Water saturated with salt.
COHESIVE adj. Having the property of consistency.
DERIDE v. To ridicule.
ENNOBLE v. To dignify.
FOREKNOWLEDGE n. Prescience.
GUSTO n. Keen enjoyment.
HOSIERY n. A stocking.
IMPERSUADABLE adj. Unyielding.
LIEU n. Stead.
MATTER of fact n. Something that has actual and undeniable existence or reality.
NOMINEE n. One who receives a nomination.
OPALESCENCE n. The property of combined refraction and reflection of light, resulting in smoky tints.
PATRIMONY n. An inheritance from an ancestor, especially from one's father.
RECURE v. To cure again.
SEDULOUS adj. Persevering in effort or endeavor.
TILTH n. Cultivation.
URBAN adj. Of, or pertaining to, or like a city.
VINDICATORY adj. Punitive.
AERONAUT n. One who navigates the air, a balloonist.
BRISTLE n. One of the coarse, stiff hairs of swine: used in brush-making, etc.
COINCIDE v. To correspond.
DERISIBLE adj. Open to ridicule.
ENORMITY n. Immensity.
FOREMAN n. The head man.
GUY n. Stay-rope.

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