Sunday, June 12, 2011

Wordlist - 096

ALDERMAN n. A member of a municipal legislative body, who usually exercises also certain judicial functions.
COMPLEMENT v. To make complete.
DIABOLIC adj. Characteristic of the devil.
EQUIVALENT adj. Equal in value, force, meaning, or the like.
FRIVOLITY n. A trifling act, thought, saying, or practice.
INADMISSIBLE adj. Not to be approved, considered, or allowed, as testimony.
LITIGANT n. A party to a lawsuit.
MENACE n. A threat.
NUNNERY n. A convent for nuns.
ORATORIO n. A composition for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra, generally taken from the Scriptures.
PEDESTRIAN n. One who journeys on foot.
REFORMER n. One who carries out a reform.
SENSUOUS adj. Having a warm appreciation of the beautiful or of the refinements of luxury.
TRACTABLE adj. Easily led or controlled.
VITIATE v. To contaminate.
ALDERMANSHIP n. The dignity, condition, office, or term of office of an alderman.
COMPLEX adj. Complicated.
DIACRITICAL adj. Marking a difference.
EQUIVOCAL adj. Ambiguous.
FRIVOLOUS adj. Trivial.
INADVERTENT adj. Accidental.
LITIGATE v. To cause to become the subject-matter of a suit at law.
MENAGERIE n. A collection of wild animals, especially when kept for exhibition.
NUPTIAL adj. Of or pertaining to marriage, especially to the marriage ceremony.
ORATORY n. The art of public speaking.
PEDIATRICS n. The department of medical science that relates to the treatment of diseases of childhood.

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