Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordlist - 099

ALIENATION n. Estrangement.
COMPLIMENT v. To address or gratify with expressions of delicate praise.
DIALOGUE n. A formal conversation in which two or more take part.
ERRONEOUS adj. Incorrect.
FROWZY adj. Slovenly in appearance.
INAPT adj. Awkward or slow.
LIVID adj. Black-and-blue, as contused flesh.
MERCANTILE adj. Conducted or acting on business principles; commercial.
ORGIES n. Wild or wanton revelry.
PEEVISH adj. Petulant. (irritable)
REFRINGENCY n. Power to refract.
SENTIENT adj. Possessing the power of sense or sense-perception.
TRAMMEL n. An impediment.
VIVIFY v. To endue with life.
ALIMENT n. That which nourishes.
COMPONENT n. A constituent element or part.
DIAPHANOUS adj. Transparent.
ERUDITE adj. Very-learned.
FRUGAL adj. Economical.
INARTICULATE adj. Speechless.
LOAM n. A non-coherent mixture of sand and clay.
MERCENARY adj. Greedy
ORIGIN n. The beginning of that which becomes or is made to be.
PELLUCID adj. Translucent.
REFRINGENT adj. Having the power to refract.
SENTINEL n. Any guard or watch stationed for protection.

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