Monday, July 18, 2011

Wordlist - 110

ALTERNATIVE n. Something that may or must exist, be taken or chosen, or done instead of something else.
CONCLUSIVE adj. Sufficient to convince or decide.
DILIGENCE n. Careful and persevering effort to accomplish what is undertaken.
EVANGELICAL adj. Seeking the conversion of sinners.
FUTILE adj. Of no avail or effect.
INCIPIENCE n. Beginning.
LOWLY adv. Rudely.
METTLE n. Courage.
OUTCRY n. A vehement or loud cry or clamor.
PENTATHLON n. The contest of five associated exercises in the great games and the same contestants.
REJOIN v. To reunite after separation.
SEXTUPLE adj. Multiplied by six.
TRANSCRIPT n. A copy made directly from an original.
VOLITIVE adj. Exercising the will.
ALTITUDE n. Vertical distance or elevation above any point or base-level, as the sea.
CONCORD n. Harmony.
DILUTE v. To make more fluid or less concentrated by admixture with something.
EVANGELIST n. A preacher who goes from place to place holding services.
FUTURIST n. A person of expectant temperament.
INCIPIENT adj. Initial.
LUCID adj. Mentally sound.
METTLESOME adj. Having courage or spirit.
OUTDO v. To surpass.
PENULTIMATE adj. A syllable or member of a series that is last but one.
REJUVENATE v. To restore to youth.
SHEER adj. Absolute.

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