Sunday, July 24, 2011

Wordlist - 112

ALTRUIST n. One who advocates or practices altruism.
CONCURRENCE n. Agreement.
DIPHTHONG n. The sound produced by combining two vowels in to a single syllable or running together the sounds.
EVERT v. To turn inside out.
INCITEMENT n. That which moves to action, or serves as an incentive or stimulus.
LUMINARY n. One of the heavenly bodies as a source of light.
MICROPHONE n. An apparatus for magnifying faint sounds.
OUTLAW n. A habitual lawbreaker.
PERAMBULATE v. To walk about.
RELEGATE v. To send off or consign, as to an obscure position or remote destination.
SHRIEK n. A sharp, shrill outcry or scream, caused by agony or terror.
TRANSFEREE n. The person to whom a transfer is made.
VORACIOUS adj. Eating with greediness or in very large quantities.
AMALGAM n. An alloy or union of mercury with another metal.
CONCURRENT adj. Occurring or acting together.
DIPLOMACY n. Tact, shrewdness, or skill in conducting any kind of negotiations or in social matters.
EVICT v. To dispossess pursuant to judicial decree.
INCOERCIBLE adj. Incapable of being forced, constrained, or compelled.
LUMINESCENT adj. Showing increase of light.
MICROSCOPE n. An instrument for assisting the eye in the vision of minute objects or features of objects.
OUTLIVE v. To continue to exist after.
PERCEIVE v. To have knowledge of, or receive impressions concerning, through the medium of the body senses.
RELENT v. To yield.
SHRINKAGE n. A contraction of any material into less bulk or dimension.
TRANSFERENCE n. The act of conveying from one person or place to another.
VORTEX n. A mass of rotating or whirling fluid, especially when sucked spirally toward the center.

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