Monday, June 27, 2011

Wordlist - 114

AMATORY adj. Designed to excite love.
CONDENSE v. To abridge.
DIPLOMATIST n. One remarkable for tact and shrewd management.
EVOKE v. To call or summon forth.
INCOMBUSTIBLE adj. That can not be burned.
LUMINOUS adj. Giving or radiating light.
MIDSUMMER n. The middle of the summer.
OUTRAGE n. A gross infringement of morality or decency.
PERCIPIENCE n. The act of perceiving.
RELIANT adj. Having confidence.
SIBILANCE n. A hissing sound.
TRANSFUSE v. To pour or cause to pass, as a fluid, from one vessel to another.
VULGARITY n. Lack of refinement in conduct or speech.
AMBIDEXTROUS adj. Having the ability of using both hands with equal skill or ease.
CONDESCEND v. To come down voluntarily to equal terms with inferiors.
DISAGREE v. To be opposite in opinion.
EVOLUTION n. Development or growth.
INCOMPARABLE adj. Matchless.
LUNACY n. Mental unsoundness.
MIDWIFE n. A woman who makes a business of assisting at childbirth.
OUTRAGEOUS adj. Shocking in conduct.
PERCIPIENT n. One who or that which perceives.
RELINQUISH v. To give up using or having.
SIBILANT adj. Made with a hissing sound.
TRANSFUSIBLE adj. Capable of being poured from one vessel to another.
VULNERABLE adj. Capable of receiving injuries.

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