Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wordlist - 115

AMBIGUOUS adj. Having a double meaning.
CONDOLENCE n. Expression of sympathy with a person in pain, sorrow, or misfortune.
DISALLOW v. To withhold permission or sanction.
EVOLVE v. To unfold or expand.
INCOMPATIBLE adj. Discordant.
LUNAR adj. Pertaining to the moon.
MIEN n. The external appearance or manner of a person.
OUTREACH v. To reach or go beyond.
PERCOLATE v. To filter.
RELIQUARY n. A casket, coffer, or repository in which relics are kept.
SIBILATE v. To give a hissing sound to, as in pronouncing the letter s.
TRANSFUSION n. The act of pouring from one vessel to another.
AMBITIOUS adj. Eagerly desirous and aspiring.
CONDUCE v. To bring about.
DISAPPEAR v. To cease to exist, either actually or for the time being.
EXACERBATE v. To make more sharp, severe, or virulent.
INCOMPETENCE n. General lack of capacity or fitness.
LUNATIC n. An insane person.
MIGRANT adj. Wandering.
OUTRIDE v. To ride faster than.
PERCOLATOR n. A filter.
RELISH v. To like the taste or savor of.
SIDELONG adj. Inclining or tending to one side.
TRANSGRESS v. To break a law.
AMBROSIAL adj. Divinely sweet, fragrant, or delicious.
CONDUCIVE adj. Contributing to an end.

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