Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wordlist - 119

AMORPHOUS adj. Without determinate shape.
CONFIDE v. To reveal in trust or confidence.
DISBELIEVER n. One who refuses to believe.
EXCELLENCY n. A title of honor bestowed upon various high officials.
LUXURIATE v. To live sumptuously.
MILITIA n. Those citizens, collectively, who are enrolled and drilled in temporary military organizations.
OVERDO v. To overtax the strength of.
PERFORM v. To accomplish.
REMISSION n. Temporary diminution of a disease.
SIMILE n. A comparison which directs the mind to the representative object itself.
TRANSLUCENCE n. The property or state of allowing the passage of light.
AMOUR n. A love-affair, especially one of an illicit nature.
CONFIDENCE n. The state or feeling of trust in or reliance upon another.
DISBURDEN v. To disencumber.
EXCELLENT adj. Possessing distinguished merit.
INCONSIDERABLE adj. Small in quantity or importance.
LYING n. Untruthfulness.
MILKY Way n. The galaxy.
OVERDOSE n. An excessive dose, usually so large a dose of a medicine that its effect is toxic.
PERFUMERY n. The preparation of perfumes.
REMODEL v. Reconstruct.
SIMILITUDE n. Similarity.
TRANSLUCENT adj. Allowing the passage of light.
AMPERE n. The practical unit of electric-current strength.
CONFIDENT adj. Assured.

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