Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wordlist - 122

AMUSEMENT n. Diversion.
CONFORMABLE adj. Harmonious.
DISCIPLINE v. To train to obedience.
EXCLUDE v. To shut out purposely or forcibly.
INDEFENSIBLE adj. Untenable.
MINION n. A servile favorite.
OVERPASS v. To pass across or over, as a river.
PERIPATETIC adj. Walking about.
REMUNERATION n. Compensation.
SINGE v. To burn slightly or superficially.
TRANSPARENT adj. Easy to see through or understand.
ANACHRONISM n. Anything occurring or existing out of its proper time.
CONFORMATION n. General structure, form, or outline.
DISCLAIM v. To disavow any claim to, connection with, or responsibility to.
EXCLUSION n. Non-admission.
INDEFINITELY adv. In a vague or uncertain way.
MINISTRATION n. Any religious ceremonial.
OVERPAY v. To pay or reward in excess.
PERJURE v. To swear falsely to.
RENAISSANCE n. The revival of letters, and then of art, which marks the transition from medieval to modern time.
SINISTER adj. Evil.
TRANSPIRE v. To come to pass.
ANAGRAM n. The letters of a word or phrase so transposed as to make a different word or phrase.
CONFORMITY n. Correspondence in form, manner, or use.
DISCOLOR v. To stain.
EXCRESCENCE n. Any unnatural addition, outgrowth, or development.

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