Saturday, July 9, 2011

Wordlist - 124

ANALYZE v. To examine minutely or critically.
CONGEST v. To collect into a mass.
DISCONSOLATE adj. Grief-stricken.
EXCUSABLE adj. Justifiable.
INDESTRUCTIBLE adj. That can not be destroyed.
MINUTE adj. Exceedingly small in extent or quantity.
OVERREACH v. To stretch out too far.
PERMANENT adj. Durable.
RENOVATE v. To restore after deterioration, as a building.
SINUS n. An opening or cavity.
TRANSVERSE adj. Lying or being across or in a crosswise direction.
ANARCHY n. Absence or utter disregard of government.
CONGREGATE v. To bring together into a crowd.
DISCONTINUANCE n. Interruption or intermission.
EXECRABLE adj. Abominable.
INDICANT adj. That which points out.
MINUTIA n. A small or unimportant particular or detail.
OVERRUN v. To infest or ravage.
PERMEATE v. To pervade.
RENUNCIATION n. An explicit disclaimer of a right or privilege.
SIREN n. A sea-nymph, described by Homer as dwelling between the island of Circe and Scylla.
TRAVAIL n. Hard or agonizing labor.
ANATHEMA n. Anything forbidden, as by social usage.
CONIFEROUS adj. Cone-bearing trees.
DISCORD n. Absence of harmoniousness.
EXECRATION n. An accursed thing.

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