Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wordlist - 125

ANATOMY n. That branch of morphology which treats of the structure of organisms.
CONJECTURE n. A guess.
DISCOUNTENANCE v. To look upon with disfavor.
EXECUTOR n. A person nominated by the will of another to execute the will.
INDICATOR n. One who or that which points out.
MIRAGE n. An optical effect looking like a sheet of water in the desert.
OVERSEE v. To superintend.
PERMISSIBLE adj. That may be allowed.
REORGANIZE v. To change to a more satisfactory form of organization.
SIROCCO n. hot winds from Africa.
TRAVESTY n. A grotesque imitation.
ANCESTRY n. One's ancestors collectively.
CONJOIN v. To unite.
DISCOVER v. To get first sight or knowledge of, as something previously unknown or unperceived.
EXEGESIS n. Biblical exposition or interpretation.
INDICT v. To find and declare chargeable with crime.
MISADVENTURE n. An unlucky accident.
OVERSEER n. A supervisor.
PERMUTATION n. Reciprocal change, different ordering of same items.
REPARABLE adj. Capable of repair.
SISTERHOOD n. A body of sisters united by some bond of sympathy or by a religious vow.
TREACHEROUS adj. Perfidious.
ANECDOTE n. A brief account of some interesting event or incident.
CONJUGAL adj. Pertaining to marriage, marital rights, or married persons.
DISCREDIT v. To injure the reputation of.
EXEMPLAR n. A model, pattern, or original to be copied or imitated.

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