Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wordlist - 127

ANESTHETIC adj. Pertaining to or producing loss of sensation.
CONNIVE v. To be in collusion.
DISCURSIVE adj. Passing from one subject to another.
EXERT v. To make an effort.
INDIGENT adj. Poor.
MISAPPREHEND v. To misunderstand.
OVERTHROW v. To vanquish an established ruler or government.
PERPETRATOR n. The doer of a wrong or a criminal act.
REPEAL v. To render of no further effect.
SKIFF n. Usually, a small light boat propelled by oars.
TREATISE n. An elaborate literary composition presenting a subject in all its parts.
ANEW adv. Once more.
CONNOISSEUR n. A critical judge of art, especially one with thorough knowledge and sound judgment of art.
EXHALE v. To breathe forth.
INDIGESTIBLE adj. Not digestible, or difficult to digest.
MISBEHAVE v. To behave ill.
OVERTONE n. A harmonic.
PERPETUATE v. To preserve from extinction or oblivion.
REPEL v. To force or keep back in a manner, physically or mentally.
SKIRMISH n. Desultory fighting between advanced detachments of two armies.
TREBLE adj. Multiplied by three.
ANGELIC adj. Saintly.
CONNOTE v. To mean; signify.
DISENFRANCHISE v. To deprive of any right privilege or power
EXHAUST v. To empty by draining off the contents.

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