Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wordlist - 140

ANTIC n. A grotesque, ludicrous, or fantastic action.
CONTAGION n. The communication of disease from person to person.
DISSENSION n. Angry or violent difference of opinion.
EXPOSTULATE v. To discuss.
INFALLIBLE adj. Exempt from error of judgment, as in opinion or statement.
MODERNIZE v. To make characteristic of the present or of recent times.
PERUSAL n. The act of reading carefully or thoughtfully.
REPULSE n. The act of beating or driving back, as an attacking or advancing enemy.
SONATA n. An instrumental composition.
TRIVIAL adj. Of little importance or value.
ANTICHRIST n. Any opponent or enemy of Christ, whether a person or a power.
CONTAGIOUS adj. Transmitting disease.
DISSENT n. Disagreement.
EXPOSURE n. An open situation or position in relation to the sun, elements, or points of the compass.
INFAMOUS adj. Publicly branded or notorious, as for vice, or crime.
PERVADE v. To pass or spread through every part.
REPULSIVE adj. Grossly offensive.
SONNET n. A poem of fourteen decasyllabic or octosyllabiclines expressing two successive phrases.
TROUBLESOME adj. Burdensome.
ANTICLIMAX n. A gradual or sudden decrease in the importance or impressiveness of what is said.
CONTAMINATE v. To pollute.
DISSENTIENT n. One who disagrees.
EXPRESSIVE adj. Full of meaning.
INFAMY n. Total loss or destitution of honor or reputation.
MODIFY v. To make somewhat different.

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