Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordlist - 149

APOSTASY n. A total departure from one's faith or religion.
CONTRIVANCE n. The act planning, devising, inventing, or adapting something to or for a special purpose.
DISTRAIN v. To subject a person to distress.
EXTREMITY n. The utmost point, side, or border, or that farthest removed from a mean position.
INGLORIOUS adj. Shameful.
MONOTONY n. A lack of variety.
PHENOMENAL adj. Extraordinary or marvelous.
RESISTLESS adj. Powerless.
SPECIES n. A classificatory group of animals or plants subordinate to a genus.
TYRO n. One slightly skilled in or acquainted with any trade or profession.
APOSTATE adj. False.
CONTRIVE v. To manage or carry through by some device or scheme.
DISTRAINOR n. One who subjects a person to distress.
EXTRICATE v. Disentangle.
INGRAFT v. To set or implant deeply and firmly.
MONSIEUR n. A French title of respect, equivalent to Mr. and sir.
PHENOMENON n. Any unusual occurrence.
RESONANCE n. The quality of being able to reinforce sound by sympathetic vibrations.
SPECIMEN n. One of a class of persons or things regarded as representative of the class.
APOSTLE n. Any messenger commissioned by or as by divine authority.
CONTROL v. To exercise a directing, restraining, or governing influence over.
DISTRAUGHT adj. Bewildered.
EXTRUDE v. To drive out or away.
INGRATIATE v. To win confidence or good graces for oneself.
MONSTROSITY n. Anything unnaturally huge or distorted.
PHILANDER v. To play at courtship with a woman.

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