Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wordlist - 159

ARCHETYPE n. A prototype.
CORPULENT adj. Obese.
DOMAIN n. A sphere or field of action or interest.
INROAD n. Forcible encroachment or trespass.
MUNIFICENT adj. Extraordinarily generous.
PICCOLO n. A small flute.
RETROSPECTIVE adj. Looking back on the past.
STATICS n. The branch of mechanics that treats of the relations that subsist among forces in order.
ARCHIPELAGO n. Any large body of water studded with islands, or the islands collectively themselves.
CORPUSCLE n. A minute particle of matter.
DOMESTICITY n. Life in or fondness for one's home and family.
INSATIABLE adj. That desires or craves immoderately or unappeasably.
MUSTER n. An assemblage or review of troops for parade or inspection, or for numbering off.
PIECE n. A loose or separated part, as distinguished from the whole or the mass.
REUNITE v. To unite or join again, as after separation.
STATIONARY adj. Not moving.
ARDENT adj. Burning with passion.
CORRELATE v. To put in some relation of connection or correspondence.
DOMICILE n. The place where one lives.
INSCRIBE v. To enter in a book, or on a list, roll, or document, by writing.
MUTATION n. The act or process of change.
PIECEMEAL adv. Gradually.
REVELATION n. A disclosing, discovering, or making known of what was before secret, private, or unknown.
STATISTICIAN n. One who is skilled in collecting and tabulating numerical facts.
ARDOR n. Intensity of passion or affection.
CORRELATIVE adj. Mutually involving or implying one another.

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