Monday, September 5, 2011

Wordlist - 162

ARRANGE v. To put in definite or proper order.
COSMETIC adj. Pertaining to the art of beautifying, especially the complexion.
DONATOR n. One who makes a donation or present.
INSIGHT n. Intellectual discernment.
MYTHOLOGY n. The whole body of legends cherished by a race concerning gods and heroes.
PIOUS adj. Religious.
REVISE v. To examine for the correction of errors, or for the purpose of making changes.
STEPPE n. One of the extensive plains in Russia and Siberia.
ARRANGEMENT n. The act of putting in proper order, or the state of being put in order.
COSMIC adj. Pertaining to the universe.
DONEE n. A person to whom a donation is made.
INSIGNIFICANCE n. Lack of import or of importance.
PIQUE v. To excite a slight degree of anger in.
STERLING adj. Genuine.
ARRANT adj. Notoriously bad.
COSMOGONY n. A doctrine of creation or of the origin of the universe.
DONOR n. One who makes a donation or present.
INSIGNIFICANT adj. Without importance, force, or influence.
PITEOUS adj. Compassionate.
REVOKE v. To rescind.
STIFLE v. To smother.
ARREAR n. Something overdue and unpaid.
COSMOGRAPHY n. The science that describes the universe, including astronomy, geography, and geology.
DORMANT adj. Being in a state of or resembling sleep.
INSINUATE v. To imply.

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