Friday, September 9, 2011

Wordlist - 166

ASCRIBE v. To assign as a quality or attribute.
COUNTRYMAN n. A rustic.
DRUDGERY n. Hard and constant work in any menial or dull occupation.
INSTILL v. To infuse.
PLAYFUL adj. Frolicsome.
RIGHTFUL adj. Conformed to a just claim according to established laws or usage.
STRAIT n. A narrow passage of water connecting two larger bodies of water.
ASEXUAL adj. Having no distinct sexual organs.
COURAGEOUS adj. Brave.
DUBIOUS adj. Doubtful.
INSTRUCTIVE adj. Conveying knowledge.
PLAYWRIGHT n. A maker of plays for the stage.
RIGMAROLE n. Nonsense.
STRATAGEM n. Any clever trick or device for obtaining an advantage.
ASHEN adj. Pale.
COURSE n. Line of motion or direction.
DUCKLING n. A young duck.
INSUFFICIENCY n. Inadequacy.
PLEA n. An argument to obtain some desired action.
RIGOR n. Inflexibility.
STRATUM n. A natural or artificial layer, bed, or thickness of any substance or material.
ASKANCE adv. With a side or indirect glance or meaning.
COURSER n. A fleet and spirited horse.
DUCTILE adj. Capable of being drawn out, as into wire or a thread.
INSUFFICIENT adj. Inadequate for some need, purpose, or use.
PLEASANT adj. Agreeable.

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