Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wordlist - 168

ASSAILANT n. One who attacks.
COWER v. To crouch down tremblingly, as through fear or shame.
DURANCE n. Confinement.
INSURGENCE n. Uprising.
PLENARY adj. Entire.
RIVULET n. A small stream or brook.
STRIPLING n. A mere youth.
ASSASSIN n. One who kills, or tries to kill, treacherously or secretly.
COXSWAIN n. One who steers a rowboat, or one who has charge of a ship's boat and its crew under an officer.
DURATION n. The period of time during which anything lasts.
INSURGENT n. One who takes part in forcible opposition to the constituted authorities of a place.
PLENIPOTENTIARY n. A person fully empowered to transact any business.
ROBUST adj. Characterized by great strength or power of endurance.
STUDIOUS adj. Having or showing devotion to the acquisition of knowledge.
ASSASSINATE v. To kill, as by surprise or secret assault, especially the killing of some eminent person.
CRAG n. A rugged, rocky projection on a cliff or ledge.
DUTEOUS adj. Showing submission to natural superiors.
INSURRECTION n. The state of being in active resistance to authority.
PLENITUDE n. Abundance.
RONDO n. A musical composition during which the first part or subject is repeated several times.
STULTIFY v. To give an appearance of foolishness to.
ASSASSINATION n. Murderer, as by secret assault or treachery.
CRANIUM n. The skull of an animal, especially that part enclosing the brain.
DUTIABLE adj. Subject to a duty, especially a customs duty.
INTANGIBLE adj. Not perceptible to the touch.
PLENTEOUS adj. Abundant.

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