Friday, September 16, 2011

Wordlist - 173

ATONEMENT n. Amends, reparation, or expiation made from wrong or injury.
CRYPTOGRAM n. Anything written in characters that are secret or so arranged as to have hidden meaning.
INTERLUDE n. An action or event considered as coming between others of greater length.
POLLUTE v. To contaminate.
SUBMERSION n. The act of submerging.
ATROCIOUS adj. Outrageously or wantonly wicked, criminal, vile, or cruel.
CRYSTALLIZE v. To bring together or give fixed shape to.
INTERMEDIATE adj. Being in a middle place or degree or between extremes.
POLYARCHY n. Government by several or many persons of what- ever class.
SUBMISSION n. A yielding to the power or authority of another.
ATROCITY n. Great cruelty or reckless wickedness.
CUDGEL n. A short thick stick used as a club.
INTERMINABLE adj. Having no limit or end.
POLYCRACY n. The rule of many.
SUBMITTAL n. The act of submitting.
ATTACHE n. A subordinate member of a diplomatic embassy.
CULINARY adj. Of or pertaining to cooking or the kitchen.
POLYGAMY n. the fact or condition of having more than one wife or husband at once.
SUBORDINATE adj. Belonging to an inferior order in a classification.
ATTEST v. To certify as accurate, genuine, or true.
CULL v. To pick or sort out from the rest.
INTERMIT v. To cause to cease temporarily.
POLYGLOT adj. Speaking several tongues.
SUBSEQUENT adj. Following in time.
ATTORNEY-GENERAL n. The chief law-officer of a government.

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