Friday, September 30, 2011

Wordlist - 180

AWAKEN v. To arouse, as emotion, interest, or the like.
INTROVERT v. To turn within.
POTION n. A dose of liquid medicine.
SUPERFICIAL adj. Knowing and understanding only the ordinary and the obvious.
AWRY adv. & adj. Out of the proper form, direction, or position.
INTRUDE v. To come in without leave or license.
POWERLESS adj. Impotent.
SUPERFLUITY n. That part of anything that is in excess of what is needed.
AYE adv. An expression of assent.
INTRUSION n. The act of entering without warrant or invitation; encroachment.
PRACTICABLE adj. Feasible.
SUPERFLUOUS adj. Being more than is needed.
AZALEA n. A flowering shrub.
INTUITION n. Instinctive knowledge or feeling.
PRATE v. To talk about vainly or foolishly.
SUPERHEAT v. To heat to excess.
AZURE n. The color of the sky.
INUNDATE v. To fill with an overflowing abundance.
PRATTLE v. To utter in simple or childish talk.
SUPERINTEND v. To have the charge and direction of, especially of some work or movement.
PREAMBLE n. A statement introductory to and explanatory of what follows.
SUPERINTENDENCE n. Direction and management.
INURE v. To harden or toughen by use, exercise, or exposure.
PRECARIOUS adj. Perilous.
SUPERINTENDENT n. One who has the charge and direction of, especially of some work or movement.

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