Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wordlist - 184

IRATE adj. Moved to anger.
PREESTABLISH v. To settle or arrange beforehand.
SUSCEPTIBILITY n. A specific capability of feeling or emotion.
IRE n. Wrath.
PREEXIST v. To exist at a period or in a state earlier than something else.
SUSCEPTIBLE adj. Easily under a specified power or influence.
IRIDESCENCE n. A many-colored appearance.
PREEXISTENCE n. Existence antecedent to something.
SUSPENSE n. Uncertainty.
IRIDESCENT adj. Exhibiting changing rainbow-colors due to the interference of the light.
PREFACE n. A brief explanation or address to the reader, at the beginning of a book.
SUSPENSION n. A hanging from a support.
IRK v. To afflict with pain, vexation, or fatigue.
PREFATORY adj. Pertaining to a brief explanation to the reader at the beginning of a book.
SUSPICIOUS adj. Inclined to doubt or mistrust.
IRKSOME adj. Wearisome.
PREFER v. To hold in higher estimation.
IRONY n. Censure or ridicule under cover of praise or compliment.
PREFERABLE adj. More desirable than others.
SWARTHY adj. Having a dark hue, especially a dark or sunburned complexion.
PREFERENCE n. An object of favor or choice.
SYBARITE n. A luxurious person.
IRRADIATE v. To render clear and intelligible.
PREFERENTIAL adj. Possessing, giving, or constituting preference or priority.

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