Saturday, January 23, 2010

Theme Based Vocbulary

This strategy is an extension of the forced association method. Forced association states that by trying to connect two or more random words we can come out with many innovative ideas for the improvement of an idea or a product. We can use a similar strategy remember the words with atmost ease.

Here you just take a list of random words, decide a random theme and then try to use all the words in the list with the chosen theme. Try to make a story out of it. Funnier the story better are your chances of remembering them.

Here is a list of 5 random words i have taken from a wordlist.


Let the theme be Kashmir.

Kashmir issue is not just a national issue but a plebeian issue for the people of Kashmir. A solution can be worked out if we have a plenary session for the people of kashmir followed by a plebiscite But for that we need a plenipotentiary each from kashmir and pakistan. If this can be worked out then we have a plethora of options which can solve this burning issue.

The list of chosen words though may seem to be impertinent with respect to each other, when we starting looking at them with respect to the choosen theme, they seem to us like the tiles of the jig saw puzzle which fit in perfectly. When you are trying to make a paragraph using them based vocabulary approach, try to keep the paragraph intact so that the density of new words remains high.

This is good fun and highly effective at the same time. Try to take sequential words, random words, words from a list and so on and try to play with them. Or you can also take the list of words provided in and try to make the story out of it. If you can come out with a paragraph of not more than 100 words with the given list in the website, you can consider that as a commendable success

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