Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barron's List

Barron never get abashed when the publishing house abased him,because he knew that the hysteria would abate. After all he could neither abbreviate his name to Barr nor abdicate his posititon as the author of the official GRE preparation book. He felt that it was aberrant that the publishing house which had maintained its silence for so many years is claiming for the owndership of the "Barrons wordlist" now. This was an ABERRATION  the practices followed by the publishing houses world-wide. He felt that his rival authors would have abetted with this publishing house. His case againest the rival authors has been in abeyance in the court of law for too long. He abhored the delays in the working of judicial system. But being a responsible citizen he had to abide the laws of the land, he had to abjure the violent alternatives and be contempt with the abject apology he got from few authors.