Monday, December 19, 2011

Wordlist - 030

ACCESS n. A way of approach or entrance; passage.
BENIGNITY n. Kindness of feeling, disposition, or manner.
CASUALTY n. A fatal or serious accident or disaster.
DECREPIT adj. Enfeebled, as by old age or some chronic infirmity.
EFFRONTERY n. Unblushing impudence.
FELICITATE v. To wish joy or happiness to, especially in view of a coming event.
GENEROSITY n. A disposition to give liberally or to bestow favors heartily.
HENCHMAN n. A servile assistant and subordinate.
IMAGINABLE adj. That can be imagined or conceived in the mind.
JUXTAPOSE v. To place close together.
LAUNDRESS n. Washerwoman.
MALEVOLENT adj. Wishing evil to others.
NECTARINE n. A variety of the peach.
OBSTRUCTION n. Hindrance.
PANTOMIME n. Sign-language.
REALISM n. The principle and practice of depicting persons and scenes as they are believed really to exist.
SATIATE v. To satisfy fully the appetite or desire of.
TEMPORAL adj. Pertaining to or concerned with the affairs of the present life.
UNDERHANDED adj. Clandestinely carried on.
VELOCITY n. Rapid motion.
WITCHCRAFT n. Sorcery.
ACCESSIBLE adj. Approachable.
BENISON n. Blessing.
CATACLYSM n. Any overwhelming flood of water.
DEDICATION n. The voluntary consecration or relinquishment of something to an end or cause.
EFFULGENCE n. Splendor.

Theme : A laundress
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To have a access to your heart your nature should be full of benignity, if not you will meet with a casualty and you will be left with a decrepit feeling. Your effrontery will create a distance from others where as your generosity will be felicitated. But be sure not to be a henchman while trying to have generosity. Your malevolent nature will only be a hindrance. A laundress who is trying to satiate herself by having a nectarine, is very much temporal though she might be considered down-market. She lives a life which is much better than pantomimes that high class crowds perform in their lives : a real example of realism. Though their cars have effulgence their lives are dull. Though they may have dedication to achieve their goals and make money, most of the parts of their souls are not accessible, filled with cataclysm of negative emotions, and they don't have the benison of peace. In contrast the life of the laundress seems to that of an empress.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wordlist - 029

ACADEMY n. Any institution where the higher branches of learning are taught.
BENEVOLENCE n. Any act of kindness or well-doing.
CARTRIDGE n. A charge for a firearm, or for blasting.
DECLENSION n. The change of endings in nouns and adj. to express their different relations of gender.
EFFICIENT adj. Having and exercising the power to produce effects or results.
FEDERATE v. To league together.
GENERATE v. To produce or cause to be.
HEMORRHAGE n. Discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood-vessel.
ILLUSIVE adj. Deceptive.
JUSTIFICATION n. Vindication.
LAUDATION n. High praise.
MALEFICENT adj. Mischievous.
NECROSIS n. the death of part of the body.
OBSTREPEROUS adj. Boisterous.
PANTHEISM n. The worship of nature for itself or its beauty.
READJUST v. To put in order after disarrangement.
SARCOPHAGUS n. A stone coffin or a chest-like tomb.
TELLTALE adj. That gives warning or information.
UNDERSELL v. To sell at a lower price than.
VEGETATIVE adj. Pertaining to the process of plant-life.
WINTRY adj. Lacking warmth of manner.
ACCEDE v. To agree.
BENEVOLENT adj. Loving others and actively desirous of their well-being.
CASTE n. The division of society on artificial grounds.
DECORATE v. To embellish.
EFFLORESCENCE n. The state of being flowery, or a flowery appearance.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wordlist - 028

ACADEMY n. Any institution where the higher branches of learning are taught.
BENEVOLENCE n. Any act of kindness or well-doing.
CARTRIDGE n. A charge for a firearm, or for blasting.
DECLENSION n. The change of endings in nouns and adj. to express their different relations of gender.
EFFICIENT adj. Having and exercising the power to produce effects or results.
FEDERATE v. To league together.
GENERATE v. To produce or cause to be.
HEMORRHAGE n. Discharge of blood from a ruptured or wounded blood-vessel.
ILLUSIVE adj. Deceptive.
JUSTIFICATION n. Vindication.
LAUDATION n. High praise.
MALEFICENT adj. Mischievous.
NECROSIS n. the death of part of the body.
OBSTREPEROUS adj. Boisterous.
PANTHEISM n. The worship of nature for itself or its beauty.
READJUST v. To put in order after disarrangement.
SARCOPHAGUS n. A stone coffin or a chest-like tomb.
TELLTALE adj. That gives warning or information.
UNDERSELL v. To sell at a lower price than.
VEGETATIVE adj. Pertaining to the process of plant-life.
WINTRY adj. Lacking warmth of manner.
ACCEDE v. To agree.
BENEVOLENT adj. Loving others and actively desirous of their well-being.
CASTE n. The division of society on artificial grounds.
DECORATE v. To embellish.
EFFLORESCENCE n. The state of being flowery, or a flowery appearance.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wordlist - 027

ACADEMIC adj. Of or pertaining to an academy, college, or university.
BENEFICIARY n. One who is lawfully entitled to the profits and proceeds of an estate or property.
CARRION n. Dead and putrefying flesh.
DECLAMATORY adj. A full and formal style of utterance.
EFFICIENCY n. The state of possessing adequate skill or knowledge for the performance of a duty.
FEASIBLE adj. That may be done, performed, or effected; practicable.
GENERALLY adv. Ordinarily.
HEINOUS adj. Odiously sinful.
ILLUSION n. An unreal image presented to the senses.
JOUST v. To engage in a tilt with lances on horseback.
LAUDABLE adj. Praiseworthy.
MALEFACTOR n. One who injures another.
NECROPOLIS n. A city of the dead.
OBSTINACY n. Stubborn adherence to opinion, arising from conceit or the desire to have one's own way.
PANORAMA n. A series of large pictures representing a continuous scene.
QUIXOTIC adj. Chivalrous or romantic to a ridiculous or extravagant degree.
READILY adv. Without objection or reluctance.
SARCASM n. Cutting and reproachful language.
TELESCOPE v. To drive together so that one slides into the another like the sections of a spy-glass.
UNDERMAN v. To equip with less than the full complement of men.
VEGETATION n. Plant-life in the aggregate.
WINSOME adj. Attractive.
ACADEMICIAN n. A member of an academy of literature, art, or science.
BENEFIT n. Helpful result.
CARTILAGE n. An elastic animal tissue of firm consistence.
DECLARATIVE adj. Containing a formal, positive, or explicit statement or affirmation.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wordlist - 026

ABUT v. To touch at the end or boundary line.
BENEFICENT adj. Characterized by charity and kindness.
CARNIVOROUS adj. Eating or living on flesh.
DECISIVE ad. Conclusive.
EFFICACY n. The power to produce an intended effect as shown in the production of it.
FEALTY n. Loyalty.
GENERALIZE v. To draw general inferences.
HEIFER n. A young cow.
ILLUMINE v. To make bright or clear.
JUROR n. One who serves on a jury or is sworn in for jury duty in a court of justice.
LAUD v. To praise in words or song.
MALEDICTION n. The calling down of a curse or curses.
NECROMANCER n. One who practices the art of foretelling the future by means of communication with the dead.
OBSTETRICS n. The branch of medical science concerned with the treatment and care of women during pregnancy.
PANOPLY n. A full set of armor.
QUITE adv. Fully.
REACTIONARY adj. Pertaining to, of the nature of, causing, or favoring reaction.
SAPONACEOUS adj. Having the nature or quality of soap.
TELEPHONY n. The art or process of communicating by telephone.
UNDERGARMENT n. A garment to be worn under the ordinary outer garments.
VEGETATE v. To live in a monotonous, passive way without exercise of the mental faculties.
WILE n. An act or a means of cunning deception.
ABYSS n. Bottomless gulf.
BENEFICIAL adj. Helpful.
CAROUSE v. To drink deeply and in boisterous or jovial manner.
DECLAMATION n. A speech recited or intended for recitation from memory in public.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordlist - 025

ABUNDANT adj. Plentiful.
BENEFACTOR n. A doer of kindly and charitable acts.
CARNAGE n. Massacre.
DECIMATE v. To destroy a measurable or large proportion of.
EFFICACIOUS adj. Effective.
FAWN n. A young deer.
GENERALITY n. The principal portion.
HEEDLESS adj. Thoughtless.
ILLUMINATE v. To supply with light.
JURISPRUDENCE n. The science of rights in accordance with positive law.
LATTICE n. Openwork of metal or wood, formed by crossing or interlacing strips or bars.
MALCONTENT n. One who is dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs.
NECROLOGY n. A list of persons who have died in a certain place or time.
OBSTETRICIAN n. A practitioner of midwifery.
PANIC n. A sudden, unreasonable, overpowering fear.
QUINTET n. Musical composition arranged for five voices or instruments.
REACTION n. Tendency towards a former, or opposite state of things, as after reform, revolution, or inflation.
SAPIENTIAL adj. Possessing wisdom.
TELEPATHY n. Thought-transference.
UNDEREXPOSED adj. Insufficiently exposed for proper or full development, as negatives in photography.
VEGETARIAN n. One who believes in the theory that man's food should be exclusively vegetable.
WIELD v. To use, control, or manage, as a weapon, or instrument, especially with full command.
ABUSIVE adj. Employing harsh words or ill treatment.
BENEFICE n. A church office endowed with funds or property for the maintenance of divine service.
CARNAL adj. Sensual.
DECIPHER v. To find out the true words or meaning of, as something hardly legible.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wordlist - 024

ABSTRUSE adj. Dealing with matters difficult to be understood.
BEMOAN v. To lament
CARET n. A sign (^) placed below a line, indicating where omitted words, etc., should be inserted.
DECIDUOUS adj. Falling off at maturity as petals after flowering, fruit when ripe, etc.
EFFETE adj. Exhausted, as having performed its functions.
FAUN n. One of a class of deities of the woods and herds represented as half human, with goats feet.
GENEALOGIST n. A tracer of pedigrees.
HEATHENISH adj. Irreligious.
ILLUMINANT n. That which may be used to produce light.
JURISDICTION n. Lawful power or right to exercise official authority.
LATISH adj. Rather late.
MALARIA n. A fever characterized by alternating chills, fever, and sweating.
NECESSITY n. That which is indispensably requisite to an end desired.
OBSOLETE adj. No longer practiced or accepted.
PANEL n. A rectangular piece set in or as in a frame.
QUINTESSENCE n. The most essential part of anything.
RAVINE n. A deep gorge or hollow, especially one worn by a stream or flow of water.
SAPIENT adj. Possessing wisdom.
TEEM v. To be full to overflowing.
UNDERCHARGE v. To make an inadequate charge for.
VEGETAL adj. Of or pertaining to plants.
WHOLLY adv. Completely.
ABSURD adj. Inconsistent with reason or common sense.
BENEDICTION n. a solemn invocation of the divine blessing.
CARICATURE n. a picture or description in which natural characteristics are exaggerated or distorted.
DECIMAL adj. Founded on the number 10.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wordlist - 023

ABSTEMIOUS adj. Characterized by self denial or abstinence, as in the use of drink, food.
BELLICOSE adj. Warlike.
CARDIAC adj. Pertaining to the heart.
DECENCY n. Moral fitness.
EFFERVESCENT adj. Giving off bubbles of gas.
FAULTY adj. Imperfect.
GENEALOGY n. A list, in the order of succession, of ancestors and their descendants.
HEARTRENDING adj. Very depressing.
ILLOGICAL adj. Contrary to the rules of sound thought.
JURIDICAL adj. Assumed by law to exist.
LATERAL adj. Directed toward the side.
MALADY n. Any physical disease or disorder, especially a chronic or deep-seated one.
NECESSITATE v. To render indispensable.
OBSOLESCENT adj. Passing out of use, as a word.
PANEGYRIC n. A formal and elaborate eulogy, written or spoken, of a person or of an act.
QUIETUS n. A silencing, suppressing, or ending.
RAVENOUS adj. Furiously voracious or hungry.
SAPIENCE n. Deep wisdom or knowledge.
TECHNOLOGY n. The knowledge relating to industries and manufactures.
UNDECEIVE v. To free from deception, as by apprising of the real state of affairs.
VAUDEVILLE n. A variety show.
WHINE v. To utter with complaining tone.
ABSTINENCE n. Self denial.
BELLIGERENT adj. Manifesting a warlike spirit.
CARDINAL adj. Of prime or special importance.
DECENT adj. Characterized by propriety of conduct, speech, manners, or dress.

Wordlist - 022

ABSORPTION n. The act or process of absorbing.
BELITTLE v. To disparage.
CAPTIVATE v. To fascinate, as by excellence. eloquence, or beauty.
DECEITFUL adj. Fraudulent.
EFFERVESCE v. To bubble up.
FATUOUS adj. Idiotic
GENDARME n. In continental Europe, particularly in France, a uniformed and armed police officer.
HEAD foremost adv. Precipitately, as in diving.
ILL-NATURED adj. Surly.
JUNTA n. A council or assembly that deliberates in secret upon the affairs of government.
LATER adv. At a subsequent time.
MAKEUP n. The arrangements or combination of the parts of which anything is composed.
NECESSARY adj. Indispensably requisite or absolutely needed to accomplish a desired result.
OBSOLESCENCE n. The condition or process of gradually falling into disuse.
PANDEMONIUM n. A fiendish or riotous uproar.
QUIET adj. Making no noise.
RAVAGE v. To lay waste by pillage, rapine, devouring, or other destructive methods.
SAPID adj. Affecting the sense of taste.
TECHNOGRAPHY n. The scientific description or study of human arts and industries in their historic development.
UNCTUOUS adj. Oily.
VASSAL n. A slave or bondman.
WHIMSICAL adj. Capricious.
ABSTAIN v. To keep oneself back (from doing or using something).
BELLE n. A woman who is a center of attraction because of her beauty, accomplishments, etc.
CARCASS n. The dead body of an animal.
DECEIVE v. To mislead by or as by falsehood.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wordlist - 021

ABSOLVE v. To free from sin or its penalties.
BELIE v. To misrepresent.
CAPTION n. A heading, as of a chapter, section, document, etc.
DECASYLLABLE n. A line of ten syllables.
EFFEMINATE adj. Having womanish traits or qualities.
FATHOM n. A measure of length, 6 feet.
GASTRONOMY n. The art of preparing and serving appetizing food.
HEAD first adv. Precipitately, as in diving.
ILLITERATE adj. Having little or no book-learning.
JUNCTURE n. An articulation, joint, or seam.
LATENCY n. The state of being dormant.
MAIZE n. Indian corn: usually in the United States called simply corn.
NEBULA n. A gaseous body of unorganized stellar substance.
OBSERVATORY n. A building designed for systematic astronomical observations.
PANDEMIC adj. Affecting a whole people or all classes, as a disease.
QUIESCENT adj. Being in a state of repose or inaction.
RAUCOUS adj. Harsh.
SANGUINEOUS adj. Consisting of blood.
TECHNIQUE n. Manner of performance.
UNCTION n. The art of anointing as with oil.
VARIEGATE v. To mark with different shades or colors.
WHET v. To make more keen or eager.
ABSORB v. To drink in or suck up, as a sponge absorbs water.
BELIEVE v. To accept as true on the testimony or authority of others.
CAPTIOUS adj. Hypercritical.
DECEIT n. Falsehood.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wordlist - 020

stABSENT-MINDED adj. Lacking in attention to immediate surroundings or business.
BELATE v. To delay past the proper hour.
CAPITULATE v. To surrender or stipulate terms.
DECAPITATE v. To behead.
EFFEMINACY n. Womanishness.
FASTIDIOUS adj. Hard to please.
GASTRITIS n. Inflammation of the stomach.
HAZARD n. Risk.
ILLIMITABLE adj. Boundless.
JUNCTION n. The condition of being joined.
LATENT adj. Dormant.
MAINTENANCE n. That which supports or sustains.
NAVIGATE v. To traverse by ship.
OBSERVANT adj. Quick to notice.
PAN-AMERICAN adj. Including or pertaining to the whole of America, both North and South.
RATIONALISM n. The formation of opinions by relying upon reason alone, independently of authority.
SANGUINE adj. Having the color of blood.
TECHNICALITY n. Something peculiar to a particular art, trade, or the like.
UNCONSCIOUS adj. Not cognizant of objects, actions, etc.
VARIATION n. Modification.
WHEREWITH n. The necessary means or resources.
ABSOLUTION n. Forgiveness, or passing over of offenses.
BELAY v. To make fast, as a rope, by winding round a cleat.
CAPRICE n. A whim.
DECAPOD adj. Ten-footed or ten-armed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wordlist - 019

ABSCOND v. To depart suddenly and secretly, as for the purpose of escaping arrest.
BEGET v. To produce by sexual generation.
CAPACIOUS adj. Roomy.
DECAMETER n. A length of ten meters.
EFFECTUAL adj. Efficient.
FANCILESS adj. Unimaginative.
GASTRIC adj. Of, pertaining to, or near the stomach.
HAWTHORN n. A thorny shrub much used in England for hedges.
ILLICIT adj. Unlawful.
JUICY adj. Succulent.
LASSIE n. A little lass.
MAINTAIN v. To hold or preserve in any particular state or condition.
NAVIGABLE adj. Capable of commercial navigation.
OBSERVANCE n. A traditional form or customary act.
PANACEA n. A remedy or medicine proposed for or professing to cure all diseases.
QUIBBLE n. An utterly trivial distinction or objection.
RATION v. To provide with a fixed allowance or portion, especially of food.
SANGUINARY adj. Bloody.
TECHNIC adj. Technical.
UNCONSCIONABLE adj. Ridiculously or unjustly excessive.
VARIANT n. A thing that differs from another in form only, being the same in essence or substance.
WHEREVER adv. In or at whatever place.
ABSENCE n. The fact of not being present or available.
BEGRUDGE v. To envy one of the possession of.
CAPILLARY n. A minute vessel having walls composed of a single layer of cells.
DECAMP v. To leave suddenly or unexpectedly.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordlist - 018

ABSCESS n. A Collection of pus in a cavity formed within some tissue of the body.
BEFOG v. To confuse.
CANTO n. One of the divisions of an extended poem.
DECALOGUE n. The ten commandments.
EFFECTIVE adj. Fit for a destined purpose.
FANCIER n. One having a taste for or interest in special objects.
GASEOUS adj. Light and unsubstantial.
HAVOC n. Devastation.
ILLIBERAL adj. Stingy.
JUGULAR adj. Pertaining to the throat.
LASCIVIOUS adj. Lustful.
MAIDENHOOD n. Virginity.
NAVEL n. The depression on the abdomen where the umbilical cord of the fetus was attached.
OBSEQUIOUS adj. Showing a servile readiness to fall in with the wishes or will of another.
PAMPHLETEER v. To compose or issue pamphlets, especially controversial ones.
QUEUE n. A file of persons waiting in order of their arrival, as for admittance.
RAPTORIAL adj. Seizing and devouring living prey.
SANCTITY n. Holiness.
TAXIDERMY n. The art or process of preserving dead animals or parts of them.
UNCOMMON adj. Rare.
VARIANCE n. Change.
WHEREUPON adv. After which.
ABSCISSION n. The act of cutting off, as in a surgical operation.
BEFRIEND v. To be a friend to, especially when in need.
CANTONMENT n. The part of the town or district in which the troops are quartered.
DECAMERON n. A volume consisting of ten parts or books.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wordlist - 017

ABROGATE v. To abolish, repeal.
BEDECK v. To cover with ornament.
CANT v. To talk in a singsong, preaching tone with affected solemnity.
DECALITER n. A liquid and dry measure of 10 liters.
EFFECT n. A consequence.
FANATIC n. A religious zealot.
GARRULOUS adj. Given to constant trivial talking.
HARMONIOUS adj. Concordant in sound.
ILLEGITIMATE adj. Unlawfully begotten.
JUGGLERY n. The art or practice of sleight of hand.
KNIGHTHOOD n. Chivalry.
LAPSE n. A slight deviation from what is right, proper, or just.
MAHARAJA n. A great Hindu prince.
NAVAL adj. Pertaining to ships.
OBSEQUIES n. Funeral rites.
PAMPHLET n. A brief treatise or essay, usually on a subject of current interest.
QUERY v. To make inquiry.
RAPT adj. Enraptured.
SANCTION v. To approve authoritatively.
TAXATION n. A levy, by government, of a fixed contribution.
UNBRIDLED adj. Being without restraint.
VARIABLE adj. Having a tendency to change.
WHEREABOUTS n. The place in or near which a person or thing is.
ABRUPT adj. Beginning, ending, or changing suddenly or with a break.
BEDLAM n. Madhouse.
CANTATA n. A choral composition.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Wordlist - 016

ABRIDGE v. To make shorter in words, keeping the essential features, leaning out minor particles.
BECK v. To give a signal to, by nod or gesture.
CANINE adj. Characteristic of a dog.
DECAGRAM n. A weight of 10 grams.
EFFACE v. To obliterate.
FAMISH v. To suffer extremity of hunger or thirst.
GARROTE v. To execute by strangling.
HARDIHOOD n. Foolish daring.
ILLEGIBLE adj. Undecipherable.
JUGGLE v. To play tricks of sleight of hand.
KNIGHT errant n. One of the wandering knights who in the middle ages went forth in search of adventure.
LANGUOR n. Lassitude of body or depression.
MAGNITUDE n. Importance.
NAUTICAL adj. Pertaining to ships, seamen, or navigation.
OBNOXIOUS adj. Detestable.
PALY adj. Lacking color or brilliancy.
QUERULOUS adj. Habitually complaining.
RAPINE n. The act of seizing and carrying off property by superior force, as in war.
SANCTIMONIOUS adj. Making an ostentatious display or hypocritical pretense of holiness or piety.
TAUT adj. Stretched tight.
UNBIASED adj. Impartial, as judgment.
VAPORIZER n. An atomizer.
WELL-TO-DO adj. In prosperous circumstances.
ABRIDGMENT n. A condensed form as of a book or play.
BEDAUB v. To smear over, as with something oily or sticky.
CANON n. Any rule or law.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wordlist - 015

ABORIGINES n. The original of earliest known inhabitants of a country.
BEATIFY v. To make supremely happy.
CANAANITE n. A member of one of the three tribes that dwelt in the land of Canaan, or western Palestine.
DEBUT n. A first appearance in society or on the stage.
EDITORIAL n. An article in a periodical written by the editor and published as an official argument.
FALLIBLE adj. Capable of erring.
GARNISH v. In cookery, to surround with additions for embellishment.
HARBINGER n. One who or that which foreruns and announces the coming of any person or thing.
ILIAD n. A Greek epic poem describing scenes from the siege of Troy.
JUDICIARY n. That department of government which administers the law relating to civil and criminal justice.
KNEAD v. To mix and work into a homogeneous mass, especially with the hands.
LANDSCAPE n. A rural view, especially one of picturesque effect, as seen from a distance or an elevation.
MAGNIFICENCE n. The exhibition of greatness of action, character, intellect, wealth, or power.
NAUSEATE v. To cause to loathe.
OBLIVION n. The state of having passed out of the memory or of being utterly forgotten.
PALPABLE n. perceptible by feeling or touch.
QUARTO n. An eight-page newspaper of any size.
RAPACIOUS adj. Disposed to seize by violence or by unlawful or greedy methods.
SALVAGE n. Any act of saving property.
TAPESTRY n. A fabric to which a pattern is applied with a needle, designed for ornamental hangings.
UNBECOMING adj. Unsuited to the wearer, place, or surroundings.
VALOROUS adj. Courageous.
WELL-BRED adj. Of good ancestry.
ABOVEBOARD adv. & adj. Without concealment, fraud, or trickery.
BEATITUDE n. Any state of great happiness.
CANARY adj. Of a bright but delicate yellow.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wordlist - 009

ABJECT adj. Sunk to a low condition.
BARITONE adj. Having a register higher than bass and lower than tenor.
CALLOSITY n. The state of being hard and insensible.
DEARTH n. Scarcity, as of something customary, essential ,or desirable.
ECSTASY n. Rapturous excitement or exaltation.
FACSIMILE n. An exact copy or reproduction.
GALVANIZE v. To imbue with life or animation.
HANDWRITING n. Penmanship.
IDIOM n. A use of words peculiar to a particular language.
JOVIAL adj. Merry.
KIND-HEARTED adj. Having a kind and sympathetic nature.
LADLE n. A cup-shaped vessel with a long handle, intended for dipping up and pouring liquids.
MAGISTRACY n. The office or dignity of a magistrate.
NASAL adj. Pertaining to the nose.
OBJECTOR n. One who objects, as to a proposition, measure, or ruling.
PALETTE n. A thin tablet, with a hole for the thumb, upon which artists lay their colors for painting.
QUARANTINE n. The enforced isolation of any person or place infected with contagious disease.
RAMOSE adj. Branch-like.
SALIENT adj. Standing out prominently.
TANGENT adj. Touching.
UNAFFECTED adj. Sincere.
VALE n. Level or low land between hills.
WEAK-KNEED adj. Without resolute purpose or energy.
ABJURE v. To recant, renounce, repudiate under oath.
BASK v. To make warm by genial heat.
CALLOW adj. Without experience of the world.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wordlist - 008

ABHORRENT adj. Very repugnant; hateful.
BAROMETER n. An instrument for indicating the atmospheric pressure per unit of surface.
CALCULABLE adj. That may be estimated by reckoning.
DEAD-HEAT n. A race in which two or more competitors come out even, and there is no winner.
ECONOMIZE v. To spend sparingly.
GALVANISM n. Current electricity, especially that arising from chemical action.
HALE adj. Of sound and vigorous health.
IDEALIZE v. To make to conform to some mental or imaginary standard.
JOURNALIZE v. To keep a diary.
KIMONO n. A loose robe, fastening with a sash, the principal outer garment in Japan.
LADDIE n. A lad.
MAGISTERIAL adj. Having an air of authority.
NARROW-MINDED adj. Characterized by illiberal views or sentiments.
OBJECTIVE adj. Grasping and representing facts as they are.
PALEONTOLOGY n. The branch of biology that treats of ancient life and fossil organisms.
QUANTITY n. Magnitude.
RAMIFY v. To divide or subdivide into branches or subdivisions.
SALIENCE n. The condition of standing out distinctly.
TANGENCY n. The state of touching.
UNACCOUNTABLE adj. Inexplicable.
VAINGLORY n. Excessive, pretentious, and demonstrative vanity.
WAVELET n. A ripple.
ABIDANCE n. An abiding.
BARRING prep. Apart from.
CALCULUS n. A concretion formed in various parts of the body resembling a pebble in hardness.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wordlist - 007

ABEYANCE n. A state of suspension or temporary inaction.
BARCAROLE n. A boat-song of Venetian gondoliers.
CAJOLE v. To impose on or dupe by flattering speech.
DAY-MAN n. A day-laborer.
ECLIPSE n. The obstruction of a heavenly body by its entering into the shadow of another body.
FACILITATE v. To make more easy.
GALVANIC adj. Pertaining or relating to electricity produced by chemical action.
HALCYON adj. Calm.
ICONOCLAST n. An image-breaker.
JOGGLE n. A sudden irregular shake or a push causing such a shake.
KILOWATT n. One thousand watts.
LACTIC adj. Pertaining to milk.
MAGICIAN n. A sorcerer.
NARRATOR n. One who narrates anything.
OBITUARY adj. A published notice of a death.
PALATIAL adj. Magnificent.
QUANDARY n. A puzzling predicament.
RAILLERY n. Good-humored satire.
SALACIOUS adj. Having strong sexual desires.
TACTICS n. Any maneuvering or adroit management for effecting an object.
UMBRAGE n. A sense of injury.
VAGRANT n. An idle wanderer.
WARLIKE adj. Belligerent.
ABHORRENCE n. The act of detesting extremely.
BAROGRAPH n. An instrument that registers graphically and continuously the atmospheric pressure.
CAJOLERY n. Delusive speech.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordlist - 006

ABERRATION n. Deviation from a right, customary, or prescribed course.
BALSAM n. A medical preparation, aromatic and oily, used for healing.
CADENZA n. An embellishment or flourish, prepared or improvised, for a solo voice or instrument.
DAUNTLESS adj. Fearless.
ECCENTRICITY n. Idiosyncrasy.
FACILE adj. Not difficult to do.
GALORE adj. Abundant.
HAGGARD adj. Worn and gaunt in appearance.
ICON n. An image or likeness.
JOCULAR adj. Inclined to joke.
KILOMETER n. A length of 1,000 meters.
LACTEAL adj. Milky.
MADONNA n. A painted or sculptured representation of the Virgin, usually with the infant Jesus.
NARRATIVE n. An orderly continuous account of the successive particulars of an event.
OBESITY n. Excessive fatness.
PALATE n. The roof of the mouth.
QUALM n. A fit of nausea.
RADIX n. That from or on which something is developed.
SAGACIOUS adj. Able to discern and distinguish with wise perception.
TACTICIAN n. One who directs affairs with skill and shrewdness.
ULTRAMONTANE adj. Beyond the mountains, especially beyond the Alps (that is, on their Italian side).
VAGABOND n. A wanderer.
WANTONNESS n. Recklessness.
ABET v. To aid, promote, or encourage the commission of (an offense).
BANAL adj. Commonplace.
CAITIFF adj. Cowardly.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wordlist - 005

ABDUCTION n. A carrying away of a person against his will, or illegally.
BALEFUL adj. Malignant.
CADAVEROUS adj. Resembling a corpse.
DATUM n. A premise, starting-point, or given fact.
ECCENTRIC adj. Peculiar.
FACIAL adj. Pertaining to the face.
GALLANT adj. Possessing a brave or chivalrous spirit.
HACKNEY v. To make stale or trite by repetition.
ICINESS n. The state of being icy.
JOCOSE adj. Done or made in jest.
KILOLITER n. One thousand liters.
LACTATION n. The secretion of milk.
MADDEN v. To inflame with passion.
NARRATION n. The act of recounting the particulars of an event in the order of time or occurrence.
OBESE adj. Exceedingly fat.
PAGEANT n. A dramatic representation, especially a spectacular one.
QUALIFY v. To endow or furnish with requisite ability, character, knowledge, skill, or possessions.
RADICAL n. One who holds extreme views or advocates extreme measures.
SAFEGUARD v. To protect.
TACT n. Fine or ready mental discernment shown in saying or doing the proper thing.
ULTRAMUNDANE adj. Pertaining to supernatural things or to another life.
VACUUM n. A space entirely devoid of matter.
WANE v. To diminish in size and brilliancy.
ABED adv. In bed; on a bed.
BALLAD n. Any popular narrative poem, often with epic subject and usually in lyric form.
CADENCE n. Rhythmical or measured flow or movement, as in poetry or the time and pace of marching troops.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Wordlist - 004

ABDOMEN n. In mammals, the visceral cavity between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor; the belly.
BAIZE n. A single-colored napped woolen fabric used for table-covers, curtains, etc.
CACOPHONY n. A disagreeable, harsh, or discordant sound or combination of sounds or tones.
DASTARD n. A base coward.
EBULLIENT adj. Showing enthusiasm or exhilaration of feeling.
FACETIOUS adj. Amusing.
GAIT n. Carriage of the body in going.
HABITUDE n. Customary relation or association.
ICILY adv. Frigidly.
JINGO n. One of a party in Great Britain in favor of spirited and demonstrative foreign policy.
KILN n. An oven or furnace for baking, burning, or drying industrial products.
LACKADAISICAL adj. Listless.
MACROCOSM n. The whole of any sphere or department of nature or knowledge to which man is related.
NARRATE v. To tell a story.
OBELISK n. A square shaft with pyramidal top, usually monumental or commemorative.
PAGAN n. A worshiper of false gods.
QUALIFICATION n. A requisite for an employment, position, right, or privilege.
RADIATE v. To extend in all directions, as from a source or focus.
SACRILEGIOUS adj. Impious.
TACK n. A small sharp-pointed nail.
ULTIMATUM n. A final statement or proposal, as concerning terms or conditions.
VACUOUS adj. Empty.
WAMPUM n. Beads strung on threads, formerly used among the American Indians as currency.
ZODIAC n. An imaginary belt encircling the heavens within which are the larger planets. ΓΏ

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wordlist - 003

ABBOT n. The superior of a community of monks.
BAFFLE v. To foil or frustrate.
CABINET n. The body of men constituting the official advisors of the executive head of a nation.
DARWINISM n. The doctrine that natural selection has been the prime cause of evolution of higher forms.
EATABLE adj. Edible.
FACET n. One of the small triangular plane surfaces of a diamond or other gem.
GAILY adv. Merrily.
HABITUAL adj. According to usual practice.
ICHTHYOSAURS n. A fossil reptile.
JEOPARDIZE v. To imperil.
KERNEL n. A grain or seed.
LACERATE v. To tear rudely or raggedly.
MACHINIST n. One who makes or repairs machines, or uses metal-working tools.
NARCISSUS n. The son of the Athenian river-god Cephisus, fabled to have fallen in love with his reflection.
OBDURATE adj. Impassive to feelings of humanity or pity.
PACT n. A covenant.
QUADRUPLE v. To multiply by four.
RADIANCE n. Brilliant or sparkling luster.
SACRILEGE n. The act of violating or profaning anything sacred.
TACITURN adj. Disinclined to conversation.
ULTIMATE adj. Beyond which there is nothing else.
VACILLATE v. To waver.
WAIVE v. To relinquish, especially temporarily, as a right or claim.
ZEPHYR n. Any soft, gentle wind.
ABDICATE v. To give up (royal power or the like).
BAILIFF n. An officer of court having custody of prisoners under arraignment.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wordlist - 002

ABBESS n. The lady superior of a nunnery.
BACTERIUM n. A microbe.
CABALISM n. Superstitious devotion to one's religion.
DARKLING adv. Blindly.
EARTHENWARE n. Anything made of clay and baked in a kiln or dried in the sun.
FABULOUS adj. Incredible.
GAIETY n. Festivity.
HABITANT n. Dweller.
ICHTHYOLOGY n. The branch of zoology that treats of fishes.
JAUNDICE n. A morbid condition, due to obstructed excretion of bile or characterized by yellowing of the skin.
KERCHIEF n. A square of linen, silk, or other material, used as a covering for the head or neck.
LABYRINTH n. A maze.
MACHINERY n. The parts of a machine or engine, taken collectively.
NAPHTHA n. A light, colorless, volatile, inflammable oil used as a solvent, as in manufacture of paints.
OAKUM n. Hemp-fiber obtained by untwisting and picking out loosely the yarns of old hemp rope.
PACKET n. A bundle, as of letters.
QUADRATE v. To divide into quarters.
RACY adj. Exciting or exhilarating to the mind.
SACRIFICIAL adj. Offering or offered as an atonement for sin.
TACIT adj. Understood.
ULTERIOR adj. Not so pertinent as something else to the matter spoken of.
VACCINATE v. To inoculate with vaccine virus or virus of cowpox.
WAISTCOAT n. A vest.
ZENITH n. The culminating-point of prosperity, influence, or greatness.
ABBEY n. The group of buildings which collectively form the dwelling-place of a society of monks or nuns.
BADGER v. To pester.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Wordlist - 001

ABASE v. To lower in position, estimation, or the like; degrade.
BACONIAN adj. Of or pertaining to Lord Bacon or his system of philosophy.
CABAL n. A number of persons secretly united for effecting by intrigue some private purpose.
DARING adj. Brave.
EARNEST adj. Ardent in spirit and speech.
FABRICATE v. To invent fancifully or falsely.
GAUGE n. An instrument for measuring.
HABITABLE adj. Fit to be dwelt in.
ICHTHYIC adj. Fish-like.
JARGON n. Confused, unintelligible speech or highly technical speech.
KEEPSAKE n. Anything kept or given to be kept for the sake of the giver.
LABORIOUS adj. Toilsome.
MACADAMIZE v. To cover or pave, as a path or roadway, with small broken stone.
NAMELESS adj. Having no fame or reputation.
OAKEN adj. Made of or from oak.
PACIFY v. To bring into a peaceful state.
QUACKERY n. Charlatanry
RABID adj. Affected with rabies or hydrophobia.
SACRIFICE v. To make an offering of to deity, especially by presenting on an altar.
TABLEAU n. An arrangement of inanimate figures representing a scene from real life.
UBIQUITOUS adj. Being present everywhere.
VACATE v. To leave.
WAIF n. A homeless, neglected wanderer.
YEARLING n. A young animal past its first year and not yet two years old.
ZEALOT n. One who espouses a cause or pursues an object in an immoderately partisan manner.
ZEITGEIST n. The intellectual and moral tendencies that characterize any age or epoch.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wordlist - 192

PROTRACT v. To prolong.
PROTRUDE v. To push out or thrust forth.
PROTRUSION n. The act of protruding.
PROTUBERANCE n. Something that swells out from a surrounding surface.
PROTUBERANT adj. Bulging.
PROTUBERATE v. To swell or bulge beyond the surrounding surface.
PROVERB n. A brief, pithy saying, condensing in witty or striking form the wisdom of experience.
PROVIDENT adj. Anticipating and making ready for future wants or emergencies.
PROVIDENTIAL adj. Effected by divine guidance.
PROVINCIAL adj. Uncultured in thought and manner.
PROVISO n. A clause in a contract, will, etc., by which its operation is rendered conditional.
PROVOCATION n. An action or mode of conduct that excites resentment.
PROWESS n. Strength, skill, and intrepidity in battle.
PROXIMATELY adv. Immediately.
PROXY n. A person who is empowered by another to represent him or her in a given matter.
PRUDENCE n. Caution.
PRUDENTIAL adj. Proceeding or marked by caution.
PRUDERY n. An undue display of modesty or delicacy.
PRURIENT adj. Inclined to lascivious thoughts and desires.
PSEUDAPOSTLE n. A pretended or false apostle.
PSEUDONYM n. A fictitious name, especially when assumed by a writer.
PSEUDONYMITY n. The state or character of using a fictitious name.
PSYCHIATRY n. The branch of medicine that relates to mental disease.
PSYCHIC adj. Pertaining to the mind or soul.
PSYCHOPATHIC adj. Morally irresponsible.
PSYCHOTHERAPY n. The treatment of mental disease.